Volunteer for the Vipers Lacrosse Club!


San Jose Vipers Lacrosse is a non-profit organizations and runs entirely on volunteers. In order for our club to be successful we need your help!

Every family is requested to perform a volunteer job at the club or team level.

TEAM Level Volunteer Positions - click here

CLUB Level Volunteer Positions - click here

BOARD Level Volunteeer Positions - click here

Volunteer Positions at the Board Level


Shall be thoroughly familiar with the Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the NCJLA organization and its affiliates. Shall prepare the agenda and preside over all meetings of the Organization. Shall comply with the duties of this office as established in the Constitution and By-Laws. Shall ensure separation of duties and act to eliminate and prevent conflict of interest situations.

Vice President:

Shall likewise preside over Board and general meetings in the President’s absence. Shall assist the President with the business of the Organization when called upon to do so. Shall be responsible for the effective operations of the standing committees. Shall act as Viper Club representative with the NCJLA. Attend league meetings and report back to Board about changes within the league.

Vice President of Operations:

Shall be responsible for managing day-to-day operations of the club, including but not limited to overseeing registration, uniforms, apparel, team coordinators and volunteers. 


Shall maintain and record all financial transactions of the Club. Shall ensure all bank accounts utilized by the Organization are reconciled and submit a written report summarizing the activity of the accounts to the Board at each Board meeting. In the event of a planned absence from a meeting, the report is to be submitted to the President no later than the morning of the Board meeting. All checks in excess of $1,000 drawn on any Club checking account shall require the signature of at least two (2) officers. Shall prepare books for tax returns by March 31.


Shall be responsible for preparing accurate records of all meetings and maintaining the Clubs files. Shall handle correspondence. Shall maintain an updated version of the NCJLA and Viper Club Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations.

Coaching Director:

Shall be the liaison between coaches of all age groups with the Club and the Board. Shall obtain and assign coaches for all teams in the Organization. Shall arrange clinics and meetings, etc., necessary to assist coaches in performing coaching duties. Shall inform coaches of all rules and regulations of this Organization and its affiliates. Shall recruit and mentor all age group coordinators. Shall coordinate with appropriate personnel to ensure that required equipment and fields are available and ready for use. Shall schedule all games. Shall coordinate with the Fields and Equipment Directors to ensure that required field lining and equipment are available and ready for use on game day and practice schedules.

Advertising & Recruiting Director:

Shall be responsible for seeking out appropriate media for advertising Viper Club Clinics and Registration targeting new players. Work with local schools and businesses to promote and solicit flyers. Establish an opening day event for the club.

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Volunteer Positions at the Club Level


Shall be responsible for the registration of all Viper Club players. Shall provide the Board with membership numbers by age groups and by category such that teams can be formed.

Game Scheduler:

Work with other clubs to establish Viper schedules for the season.

Uniform Coordinator:

Shall be responsible for the ordering of all uniforms for the Club.

Apparel Coordinator:
Shall be responsible for ordering and sales of apparel for the Club. Work with Team Apparel coordinators to consolidate individual team orders.

Fields & Equipment:

Shall be responsible for the physical layout and maintaining of fields, generating field marking schedules for team level volunteers, assessing field conditions during inclement weather and providing a means of communicating game status to the general membership. Shall be responsible for purchasing, distributing, maintaining and storing all goals, cones, field marking equipment and other equipment provided by the Club.

Fundraising Director:

Coordinate fundraising activity for the club.

Picture Day Coordinator:

Coordinate annual picture day, including but not limited to scheduling of team photo times and distribution of pictures at fundraising night. 

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Team Level Volunteer Positions

Team Coordinator

Key communicator between the coach and the team. You will handle team communications, general follow up and help the coach in any way needed. Basic responsibilities include:
  • Create team roster for parents and update coaches binder (Coaches’ binder needs the following: Roster of player emergency information, copies of medical release forms, copies of permits for fields and copies of coaches’ PCA certificates.
  • You will be the right hand person to the coach.
  • Home games: Confirm referees & game time 4 days prior to game day. Contact visiting coach or team coordinator and confirm game date, time, location, directions and color of uniform (so as to avoid duplication). Find this information at www.sportability.com – enter NCJLA under search criteria.
  • Away games: Generate a map and email all team players/coaches confirming location and game time, 4 days prior.
  • Responsible for initiating phone tree for game location changes or rainouts.
  • Remind volunteers of their duties 1 day prior to game day.
  • Enter home game scores into Sportability and verify away games were entered correctly.

Team Coordinator Assistant

  • Make sure that all parents are signed up for volunteer jobs. (template will be provided).
  • Assign parent volunteers for field lining to the weeks your age group has.
  • Establish a team phone tree (Confirm team phone numbers & cells for call tree, needs to be done the first 1-2 weeks of practices in the event of rain outs).
  • Pick up and distribute uniforms to new players.
  • Schedule parents to provide EZups as needed for games.
  • Help team coordinator and takes care of incidental tasks that may arise.
  • Support role to Fundraising Coordinator by assigned parent volunteers to the misc. jobs and be a coordinating point for your team as fundraising activities arise.
  • Help coordinate end of season party, venue & details.

Scorekeeper and Timer

No experience is needed; there will be a training session provided.
  • Home games
    • Scorekeeping (1 person per game)
    • Time keeping (1 person per game)
  • Away games
    • (1 person per game)
Arrive at least 20 minutes before game time to be sure that scorecard is completed well in advance of game time. Bring a copy of the roster (from team coordinator) with names of players in numerical order by jersey number and fill in scoresheet including date of game and name of opponent.

You will need to cover approx. 4 home games.
When we are the away team, the home team does not always need or want help.

Field Duty:

Help with initial field layout and line the fields for games - approximately 3 times per season.  (Training will be provided)

Game Readiness

  • On home game days (approx. 6): setup the score table and time clock.
  • Bring small cooler with 2 waters for the referees (to be located at the score table)
  • Arrange for EZ ups to be brought to the field for scorekeepers table & players
  • Setup goals and cones on game. (Applies to the first game of the day, setup one hour prior to game time.) Place balls at goal lines
  • Tear down goals and cones at home games only (when we are the last game of the day)
  • Field and ball sweep schedule (Kids and parents do a final check prior to leaving field.)
  • You will be considered our “Field Marshall” and will need to monitor activities and provide information to visiting teams. Please remain in the vicinity of the scorekeepers' table for the duration of the game.

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